Dish Dispensers 🎥

Store, transport and dispense dishes in the kitchen and dining area with mobile or counter drop-in dispensers. Choose from fixed-diameter or Adjust-a-fit® adjustable versions. All models are field adjustable for plate weight without tools.

     Tray & Rack Dispensers

Keep trays and glass/cup racks at a convenient counter height and provide a neat appearance with mobile and counter drop-in versions. Field adjustable to assure proper dispensing level. Easy to clean and sanitize stainless steel.

     Pellet/Base Heaters

Heat pellet bases evenly and efficiently. All-welded stainless steel insulated cabinet with heating compartment and hinged covers. Thermostatically controlled forced air heating system. Accepts 7" to 10-1/4" pellet bases.

     Tray & Silver Carts

Ideal for streamlining your cafeteria line by holding trays and flatware in one convenient location, loading in the ware washing area and transporting to the cafeteria line.