Storage & Transport

     Mise en Place Ingredient Cart 🎥

Prepare and cook food quickly and more efficiently.

     Soiled Dish Breakdown Carts 🎥

Looking for a way to streamline banquet cleanup?
Consider presorting dishes, silver and glassware in or near the banquet area before transporting back to the warewashing area. Lakeside’s Problem Solving Soiled Dish Breakdown Cart makes it easy to 

  • Reduce Breakage by separating fragile glassware from dishes and silverware
  • Lower Labor Cost by sorting to glassracks and bus tubs before transporting

Soiled Dish Breakdown Carts are available in a variety of sizes and shelf configurations to fit your operation. 

     Multi-Shelf Carts

All-welded stainless steel is easy to clean and sanitize. Available in 500 lb. and 700 lb. capacities with 3, 4, 5, and 6 shelf versions.

     Queen Mary Banquet Carts

Heavy haulers are essential for every banquet facility. Stainless steel and aluminum models available in various shelf sizes.

     Transport Cabinets

Enclosed cabinets transport food items safely and easily. Stainless steel and aluminum models are available in various heights.

     Can Dispensing Racks

Store and dispense #10 and #5 cans efficiently with stainless steel and aluminum models in several capacities.

     Dish Carts

Transport dishes quietly and safely with these easy to clean carts. Stainless steel and plastic models are available.

     Dunnage Racks

Store supplies safely and conveniently off of the floor. All-welded aluminum construction is lightweight but rugged. Available in 1500 lb  or 2000 lb. load capacity.

     Mobile Stands

Move the preparation task to where you need it with mobile machine and bowl stands. All-welded stainless steel construction is easy to clean and sanitize. 

     Mobile Tables

Food preparation is made easy with mobile stainless steel tables. Plenty of work surface with convenient pan storage on board.

     Pan & Tray Racks

A wide variety of stainless steel and aluminum racks in various configurations.

     Platform Trucks

Transport heavy supplies and objects safely and easily. Ideal for dock loading and unloading. Available in power assist or conventional styles.

     Power Tug

The Lakeside Ergo-One Plus Power Tug is designed to reduce injuries associated with repetitive pushing and pulling of heavily laden carts. 

     Rack Dollies

Transport and store 20" x 20" glass and cup racks easily and conveniently. Drip-proof base with convenient push handles. Choose from stainless steel and aluminum models.

     Sheet Pan Dollies

Designed for transporting and storing 18" x 26" sheet pans and trays. Rugged aluminum welded construction with waterproof platform to prevent dripping.